Soul Steps speaks the language of rhythm. We bring power, energy and motion to the stage. Step is who we are and urban beats tell our story. Through performance we spread our love and respect of step to the masses, reminding all who have the rhythm within that step connects us to one another and to our African ancestors.

"The high energy NYC-based Soul Steps aim to do for step dancing what Savion Glover has done for tap: revitalize the authentic style for a new generation" - Celebrate Brooklyn

Based in New York City, our group of Soul Steppers hails from around the globe from Trinidad to Jamaica and everywhere in between. Influences such as Savion Glover and Debbie Allen, to the gumboot dancers in the mines of South Africa inspire every slap of the thigh, twist of the hip, turn of the foot, jump in the air, and shout.
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Soul Steps is a reflection of the multi-dimensionality of dance. We use our entire bodies to speak, and our steps combine visual art, music and theater. We also embrace step as an educational tool to inspire youth and as a medium to celebrate traditions of our African history. The power in each step we take forward is reminiscent of the beats that lie within all of us.